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Fairy Houses in the woods

Workshops: Skills
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Green Man Workshop

The green man is made on the trunk of a tree. A workshop for all ages. Head shapes are moulded from the clay and stuck onto the tree. A variety of seed heads are available to use, to make the features of the green man. A tactile workshop learning about seed forms and identification.

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Tamborine Workshop

The tamborine workshop is accessible for very young children. Willow is used for the handle with a peice of string tied to one end. Children thread beads, pasta and beer bottle tops onto the string. It makes a jingly sound when shaken.

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Bee and Ladybird Hotels

Made from re-cycled fence panels. The children make the structure and add hollow stemmed plants to one end for the bee's. In the other end a pine cone is added for the ladybird's. The outside is decorated with natural materials. The children learn about habitat and also learn about the solitary bee.

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Pine Cone Pets

These cute little pets are made by sticking seed heads into the spines of the pine cone. The natural materials form the eyes, ears, wings etc. The pet is tied with string and dangled from a stick so that it may fly.

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Clay Creatures

This workshop is very popular as it is accessable to all ages. All types of creature are made, using a wide variety of seed heads to create the animals features. The educational aspects of this workshop are seed head identification and seed distribution.

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The Graffiti Wall

Workshops: Skills

Environmental Art

For this workshop I like the children to forage their own materials. They can work in groups or on their own to create an Andy Goldsworthy style natural artwork. They learn to identify their foraged materials. This workshop is suited to woods.


Fairy Houses

This magical workshop is best suited to woodland. The children forage their own materials. Using sticks to build structures and leaves for the roof. A great activity for the whole family.

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The Shrunken Head Workshop

This is a great workshop for teenagers and adults. Very similar to the green man workshop but instead of using a tree the clay is moulded onto a stick. Again decorated with seed heads and natural materials. Not really a workshop for young children.


Headdress Workshop

This workshop uses recycled materials and is for older children and adults. Made on a circle of willow a bit like a crown. They are decorated with material, feathers, beads, broken jewellery and pipe cleaners.

Dreamcatcher Workshop

Using willow to make the hoop. Children learn the art of how to make a dreamcatcher. This workshop is best suited to older children as it can be a little tricky. We can make Gods Eye's with the younger children.

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